Many BTS fans know that the members of BTS are fond of each other and hold strong bonds with each other. This is especially so for the two members born in 1995.

Having a nickname of “Gu-Ohs” (95s), V and Jimin display affection towards each other often. ‘In the Soop BTS ver.‘ is no exception to the two showing their fondness on the broadcast.

In the recent episode, many fans were feeling warm inside as they watch the same affinity the two members have for each other. In the episode, BTS members were enjoying another day of relaxation, and V was sent to wake up Jimin in the morning. However, instead of waking up Jimin, V decided to lay back into bed with him.

This isn’t the first the two best friends were seen cuddling. In various BTS variety shows, the two members often cuddle with one another as they take short naps.

After the episode aired, many fans have taken captures and short clips of the cute moment as they shared the warm feelings in their heart through social media.