K-pop is the new music revolution of several music enthusiasts, and indeed, there’s no way a K-pop fan won’t know EXO!

On June 3, K-netizens and supporters of the global K-pop band, EXO, can’t agree more with an author who wrote an article, justifying the group’s popularity and immense influence around the globe.


EXO, is a male idol group comprising of 9 members, including Suho, Xiumin, D.O, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen, Kai, Sehun, Lay. After 3 Chinese members to leave the group, fans then think that EXO career will drop then, but EXO continuing as a nine-member group and the fandom remains strong, leading them to be recognized as one of the top K-pop groups around the world up to date.

During their debut, SM is known for being home to top K-pop groups and idols such as SES, Super Junior, TVXQ, BoA, Girls’ Generation, and SHINee; that’s why they become one of the most anticipated group during the said year.


However, despite having iconic K-pop senior groups, EXO’s stardom was not easy upon its debut. Their debut song, ‘MAMA,’ doesn’t gain much attention from the public upon debut for not reaching the netizens’ expectations. They are then labeled as SM’s First ‘Flop’ Group, which causes pressure and uncertainty to the members, leading them to halt their promotions for a year.

As they came back with “XOXO” and their track, “Wolf,” they achieve successful album-sales, as well as their first win through Music Bank, but the majority of the feedbacks about them was negative, calling them out for their weird concept relating to mother nature.

When EXO came back with a better image through, “Growl,” and this is the beginning of their success and popularity. Through ‘Growl,’ EXO was able to become recognized worldwide, building its official fandom base, EXO-L, in 2014. Since then, from a group losing relevance in the industry, EXO soars up to becoming the definition of K-pop.

Netizens would be questioning how they were able to break the 8-year as well as was able to surpass every challenge such as a lawsuit, marriage, and dating issues, as well as transition to the newer generation of K-pop. In the article written by the fan, the reasons were given out, and you can’t agree more.

1. Why EXO Lives Longer

EXO recently celebrated its 8th debut anniversary, a special number to EXO-Ls, which is their official debut date. In the post, the writer talked about EXO-Ls, being one the reason why EXO lives longer. 


“EXO has a basic core and fan base, so I think we could live a long life. There are many other things besides that, but I think this is the most impressive part.”


2. Reasons for the Steady inflow of EXO

EXO’s track, “Growl,” plays a significant impact on their success and popularity among the newer generation of fans. Up until now, their song is still being played in the streets and other K-pop events, in which fans are most likely to take an interest. They would eventually search for EXO, and due to the incredible skills, talents, and visuals of the idols, one can’t resist becoming a fan. 


In addition to this, the versatility of the members is one factor. Aside from having musical abilities, some members, including Baekhyun, D.O, and Lay, are great and known actors, leading people to EXO.

3. Why EXO doesn’t go down

EXO’s influence doesn’t reach the music industry only but as well as the fashion world. Recently, Kai became the global ambassador of Gucci, which is a high-end luxury brand.

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Besides, Oh Sehun just became the new face for high-end brand DIOR MEN.


4. EXO’s connection with EXO-Ls

EXO doesn’t only care about popularity but has a great way of dealing with fans’ love. EXO was loved even by non-fans. 


“You can’t see fans’ deception,” according to the author.

5. EXO skills and Visuals

The author then concluded, “EXO seems to have a lot of experience in dancing, and since they’ve been singing for a long time, I think their voices are well balanced.”

In general, EXO is not a K-pop group anymore; instead, K-pop is EXO.