According to an anonymous source on April 29, EXO Chen and his wife welcomed the birth of their daughter at the Mary’s Hospital in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul.

His agency SM Entertainments has also confirmed the information.


Chen earlier released a surprise wedding announcement and news of her pregnancy in January this year. According to the family’s will, all matters related to the wedding and marriage were held behind closed doors.

At that time, Chen posted a handwritten letter, saying, “I have a girlfriend I want to be with forever,” adding, “A blessings came to us. I was also very embarrassed, but I gained more strength from this blessing.”

SM Entertainment confirmed that news, “Chen has a precious relationship and got married,” adding, “The bride is a non-celebrity, and the wedding will be held privately with only family members attending.”

Recently, there have been some fans demanding Chen to withdraw from EXO, but SM Entertainment confirmed that there will be no change in the members of EXO. Chen also apologized to fans a month after the wedding announcement.

Chen said, “I’m worried that I might hurt you with my clumsy words, but I want to apologize to all of you who have been waiting for me and to EXO-L, who must have been surprised and embarrassed by my sudden news.”