SBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ has unveiled its first OST line-up with with g.o.d, SNSD Taeyeon, EXO Chen, Heize, 10cm, Punch.


Yumyum Entertainment, the OST production company for ‘Do you like Brahms?’, said on August 27, “10cm, Chen, g.o.d, Heize, and Punch, as well as Taeyeon, all strong singers, have been confirmed as the first OST lineup for ”Do you like Brahms?’ (written by Ryu Bo Ri, directed by Cho Young Min).”

The OST for ‘Do you like Brahms?’ has earlier raised expectations with the participation of Song Dong Woon, the nation’s top producer who was behind the OSTs for dramas such as ‘Hotel Del Luna’, ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’, ‘Descendants of the Sun’, and ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’.

Producer Song Dong Woon also produced 4 hits for the huge drama ‘Goblin’, including Ailee’s ‘I’ll Go To You Like The First Snow’, Chanyeol & Punch’s ‘Stay With Me’, Crush’s ‘Beautiful’, and Soyou’s ‘I Miss You’. This foreshadows the creation of a luxury OST in ‘Do you like Brahms?’.


With the nation’s top OST producer and a super famous first lineup, ‘Do you like Brahms?’ is drawing much attention as the second line-up will be unveiled later on.

Do You Like Brahms?’ is a drama about the barely shaky dreams and love of classical music students, starring Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae. It will premiere at 10 PM on August 31.