EXO Baekhyun has released a live cover video of ‘Garden In The Air‘ to the twentieth-anniversary project ‘Our Beloved BoA‘, showing a sweet voice that touched to fan’s hearts.


“Garden In The Air” is a song that was loved a lot for being included in BoA’s fifth full-length album, and in this “STATION,” were rearranged to be a minimal and sophisticated R&B song centered on the piano, and Baekhyun’s sweet vocals combine to give it a different charm from the original song.

The singer’s sweet vocals and delicate sensibility combine with a more trendy melody to provide warm comfort. BoA’s original song atmosphere and his unique charm are expected to moisten listeners’ emotions on summer nights.

In addition, the live video of EXO Baekhyun is released along with the song, and Baekhyun will be able to sing “Garden In The Air” in time for the band’s session, which will attract music fans.

Meanwhile, SM STATION is presenting BoA’s hit songs with super-special artists with its 20th anniversary project “Our Beloved BoA.”

Meanwhile, “Our Beloved BoA” is a project to celebrate BoA’s 20th anniversary on August 25, and it is expected of music fans by predicting a super-special lineup, starting with Baekhyun, including Bolbbalgan4, Gallant, Red Velvet and SM Classics.

Check out the official music video of ‘Garden In The Air’ here: