Comedian and Celeb Five member Shin Bong Sun is making her solo artist debut this week!

Shin Bong Sun ‘s official solo artist character goes by the name of Capsai Shin. The artist’s main genre is traditional ballad, and her debut single “Spicy Love” (Narr. DOKO) will be out this August 20. The song depicts the pains and sorrows of a woman after experiencing the stinging, spicy flavors of love. Shin Bong Sun’s fellow Celeb Five member Kim Shin Young took part in producing and writing the lyrics for “Spicy Love”, after her successful producer debut as the mastermind behind trot singer Second Aunt Kim Davi.


Alongside the release of her debut single, Capsai Shin plans on appearing as a guest on the upcoming August 20 broadcast of ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope‘, officially kicking off her solo promotions. Best of luck, Capsai Shin!