BTS V is no stranger in breaking records, even his own.

Group BTS (BTS) member V’s self-composed song ‘Sweet Night’ set a great record, rising to No. 1 on the iTunes Top Song Chart in 117 countries.

With this ,’Sweet Night ”killed’ the European, Arab, North American and African charts. Among the countries where iTunes is officially serviced, only Nepal, Turkmenistan and Venezuela remain.

‘Sweet Night’ is significant because it is a record achieved only with V’s brand without promotion. After the release of the sound source, it was the only member of the BTS to win the top songs on iTunes in the U.S. and U.K., and the breakthrough began.

The US Times magazine ‘Sweet Night’ praised V’s ability as a vocal, lyricist, and composer by evaluating V’s deep voice as a song that stands out with emotional lyrics and warm melody.

In hand in hand with Sweet Night, V’s solo track: “Inner Child” from BTS’s mega-hit album: “Map of The Soul:7” has also set a remarkable record. As of today, the song has achieved #1 in 89 countries, marking V as the first and only artist to have two solo songs reign over the charts of 89 countries by breaking his own record.

This is not the only record V has break with his solo song sweet night and inner child

V’s single has earned the #2 spot on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart in the US.

Third Korean Musician To Reach The Top 10 As A Soloist And As Part Of A Group

V is now the third artist to appear inside the Digital Song Sales chart’s top 10 both as a member of a group and on his own. V, J-Hope and Suga have all entered the highest vertical alone and with BTS.

Fourth Korean Soloist To Hit The Top 10

When looking at all the songs that have reached the Digital Song Sales’ top 10, a total of four Korean soloists have managed to send at least one tune into the competitive region. In addition to both Psy and V, fellow BTS members J-Hope and Suga have also made their way to the arena, with one big hit apiece.

One Of 10 Top Five Hits From A Korean Musician

Only 10 singles by Korean acts, performed in any language, have reached the top five on the Digital Song Sales list, and most of them (but not all) are by BTS. So far, eight tracks by the beloved Korean septet have placed somewhere between Nos. 1 and 5 (though none have landed exactly at No. 5), while both V and Psy have entered the loftiest tier just once each.

Second-Highest-Charting Song From A Korean Solo Musician

When looking at songs pushed by Korean artists operating on their own, V’s “Sweet Night” now stands as the second-highest-charting of the bunch, which isn’t shocking seeing as how it only missed out on the highest rung by one spot.

‘Record setter’ V has now extended his previous record, reaching #1 in iTunes Charts in total of 117 countries around the world, including the top ten biggest global music markets (where iTunes is available), that is the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Canada and brazil(iTunes isn’t available in China and South Korea). With this, V has now become the first and only Asian solo act in the history to attain a major ‘All-Kill’ in all of the biggest music markets in the world with same song.

BTS’ V soars to the top spot of Japan’s iTunes Top Songs Charts with his self-composed OST track “Sweet Night”, making him the first Korean Solo Artist in the history to reach this milestone. This record is more impressive and significantly notable because “Sweet Night”, an unpromoted Korean release.

Prince of Arab, BTS’ V once again proves his unrivalled popularity in Arab by achieving another top spot in iTunes Top Songs Chart (Lebanon) with his solo song “Stigma”. Hence, V has now achieved ‘Arab All-Kill’ with all 4 of his solo songs (“Stigma”“Singularity”, “Inner Child” and “Sweet Night”) by ranking 1st in all Arab countries where iTunes can be counted.

As if dominating Worldwide iTunes is not enough, BTS V also conquers one of the toughest music markets in the world. Inner Child, V’s B-side solo track in the MOTS 7 album, peaked at 2nd place in the UK iTunes Top Songs chart. Together with Sweet Night’s success, BTS V becomes the FIRST AND ONLY KOREAN SOLOIST in History to chart two songs at #1 & #2 in UK iTunes.

As a singer, BTS V’s voice has received acclaim and generally positive reactions with particular praise to his wide vocal range and has been cited as a prominent tone setter and a key element of BTS’s songs. As a songwriter and producer, BTS V is widely known to have the ability to evoke emotions through his music– his heartfelt sincerity and beautiful lyrics swooning fans all over the world. No wonder fans share the same sentiment and gives all out support for him, making the impossible possible, with high anticipation to his future endeavors.

In addition to the various “First in History” records set by V, both Sweet Night and Inner Child have also received massive love and positive reviews from the critics.

Popular vocal coach Adam Mishan said in his review of Sweet Night: “I can’t get over his rich, warm and deep baritone voice. It’s incredible and so unique definitely within BTS and the music industry today.” He further added: “He is still able to sing with such range…He is an amazing vocalist.” Moreover, vocal trainers: Oh Jok-Do and Shim Joongseok chose ‘Inner Child’ as their favorite track from ‘MOTS:7’ and said: “All of a sudden he tried something so new, it’s a fresh sound but he does so well even in this sound.” Honorable writer Lee Jae-lk also stated in his album review that he considers V to have the “most unique voice since Taeyang of Big Bang.”