In a recent Ask Anything chat, BTS leader RM revealed he would not dye his hair pink again. The singer’s confession has left fans feeling emotional about the Pink Joon era.

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BTS leader RM has pulled off some bold hair colours like a pro! From bright red to electric blue and his signature blonde, Namjoonie has never shied away from experimenting with his hair. However, the Pink Joon was an era altogether! The leader dyed his hair pink and confidently pulled it off, making a memorable fashion statement. While ARMY has been waiting for the singer to revisit the hair shade, Namjoon broke hearts when he said he’s not returning to that shade, ever.

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The confession came when RM joined his teammates Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook for to answer a few fan questions in AskAnythingChat. An ARMY member reached out to the rapper and asked him when we would see the return of Pink Joon. Namjoon did not think twice before he announced that Pink Joon will never return. “I don’t do pink cause you know, Weekly Idol,” he said. Associating the colour with his “dark past”, Namjoon added, “Nah, I won’t do it again.” 

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His heartbreaking announcement had fans reminiscing the Pink Joon era while they emotionally paid a farewell to the hair color. “He really thinks, he can get just leave pink hair in our memories we have been asking for years HE CANNOT LEAVE US LIKE THIS WITHOUT ANY PINK HAIR!!!” a fan said on Twitter. “Rip pink mon. I’m gonna cherish my pink mon photo card for the rest of my life now,” another fan added.

A few fans were skeptical about his decision. “I don’t trust him . Ever since I started stanning bts I have trust issues and know idk if he’s talking seriously or he’s joking,” a fan said. “I’ve been in this fandom for five years… don’t trust them… pink joon will make a comeback,” added another.

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