J-Hope (BTS) has received a warm response from fans thanks to his special dancing ability on the official YouTube channel BangtanTV.

On the afternoon of April 28, J-Hope met with fans through BangtanTV’s Youtube channel. When he arrived at the dance room, J-Hope practiced to prepare his muscles before dancing for the official choreography, then danced to songs of various genres. Next, he sitting in front of the camera attracted the attention of fans with many diverse choreography: “I came here to move my body”.


In about 30 minutes, the idol showed off his dancing skills and occasionally talked to fans and shared his daily life. Fans from around the world rallied on J-Hope’s YouTube live and left live support comments and showed a standing ovation. After listening to BTS’s ‘Butterfly‘ song, he ended its broadcast on YouTube.

BTS is revealing their current situation to fans through showing each member’s daily life by live stream on Youtube, starting from RM April 17 to Suga and J-Hope.

Watch his live stream again below: