In a recent interview, BTS members selected 7 most impressive MVs of the group’s career and all of them are the songs that the audience loves.

BTS has just had an explosive comeback with a new product called Dynamite, the boys will perform this song for the first time on the stage of the Video Music Awards (VMAs). In an interview ahead of the event with MTV News, the members were asked to choose the top 7 best music videos of the group’s career. And the members’ choices will definitely surprise you.

1. EPILOGUE: Young Forever

The first music video on the list selected by the oldest brother Jin is EPILOGUE: Young Forever, released in 2016. This is the title song in the first Korean album of The Most Beautiful Moment In Life. : Young Forever, closing the “youth story” in BTS’s music product chain.

2. Fire

Suga, J-Hope and RM together chose FIRE as one of the 7 most impressive music videos of the group’s career. This is the title song in the album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2.

With an exciting melody and explosive choreography, the members have shown the rebellion and enthusiasm of youth while enjoying the live” burning” scene as the title of the song. FIRE helped BTS achieve the first All-kill in their career and this song has now reached more than 660 million views on YouTube.

3. Run

When Jimin asked RM about his favorite song, RM chose the song Run. He also shared an unforgettable memory of having to run wildly in the park to get the best scenes in the MV.

Run is the single in the group’s 4th mini album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2. The song talks about the thoughts of youth, trying to pursue success in work and love despite encountering many. barriers. Run has now reached more than 143 million views on YouTube.

4. Save ME

J-Hope chose Save ME as the 4th MV that he felt most impressed in their career.

Save ME is probably BTS’s least budget music video because the boys are recording outside, only dancing and singing in the one-shot form (one shot from start to finish). However, this is also a problem for the members because only one broken segment will have to come back from the beginning, not to mention the filming location is very cold and windy. At present, Save ME has reached more than 516 million views on YouTube.

5. Spring day

Jimin’s Spring Day selection is also one of BTS’s favorite music products that ARMYs love the most.

Spring Day was released from February 2017, but up to now, it still receives a special love from the Korean public. This is the longest-standing song in MelOn history with up to 1132 days and is dubbed the “spring hymn” of Kpop. The song’s music video has now reached more than 341 million views on YouTube.

6. ON

Most of the BTS members choose the old MVs of the group, but V chose for himself a new product released this year, which is ON music video.

ON used to make the Kpop fan community overwhelmed by the picturesque color and background, although it was only nearly 6 minutes long but enough to bring the feeling of a shortened “blockbuster” Hollywood. This music video has now reached more than 185 million views on YouTube.

7.  ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima

Like V, Jungkook also chose MV ON but was the first version to be released.

Prima mainly focuses on showing off the choreography and the “melancholy” expressive ability of BTS members. Along with the majestic setting, impressive camera angles and powerful dancers, the first music video of the song “ON” really made the audience feel extremely satisfied. ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima has now reached over 245 million views on YouTube.