Global group BTS was invited to Cheongwadae (the Blue House) for the first time on September 19. This is the second time BTS met the South Korean president, and the third time they met Mrs. Kim Jung-sook.

As the Youth Leader, BTS attended the ‘1st Youth Day’ ceremony held at 10 AM KST at the Blue House, and delivered a speech as a youth representative. President Moon Jae In and his wife also attended the ceremony and listened to their speeches.


After becoming the first Korean artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their new song ‘Dynamite’, BTS was selected as the “Youth Leader” who promotes South Korea to the world, representing the voice of the youth.

“I hope that you will change the world with your wonderful thoughts and lead the way for the future youth to become the light of the times,” Jin said.

Through their speeches, they shared their true stories as young men, not as colorful idols, and sent a message of hope to the young, as well as support and encouragement to the older generation.

BTS was also the first runner of the ‘2039 Gift’, which is set to be opened on the year 2039. The 7 members all filled a purple box with unknown items and donated it to the Korean Museum of History. The box will be unveiled 19 years later on the ’20th Youth Day’. This is a long-term project that carried out by the government as a donation for the future youth.