JeA from girl group Brown Eyed Girls will release a new solo single in June. The lyrics of the song will be written by singer IU.


According to News1 on May 28, JeA is preparing to release her next solo single in June.

This will be her first new song in about a year after her solo single ‘Newself’ was released in June last year. Expectations are high on what kind of song the singer, who has been loved for releasing various spectra of music, will serve the public this time.

In particular, IU, who showed outstanding ability as a lyricist in several songs – including her recently released single ‘Eight‘, Jung Seung Hwan’s ‘The Snowman’ and Kim JeHwi’s ‘Dear Moon’ – also helped write the lyric for this song.

JeA is currently in the middle of the final works for the release of her solo single.