BLACKPINK has been officially listed in five categories of the Guinness World Records for thanks to their new song ‘How You Like That’.


According to Guinness World Records on July 1, BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ music video set a new world record for “The most viewed YouTube video in the first 24 hours” with 86.3 million views on the first day.

In addition, they also got the record for “The most viewed YouTube music video in the first 24 hours” and “The most viewed YouTube K-pop music video in the first 24 hours”. Along with the release of ‘How You Like That’, the organization also added two Guinness titles “The most-viewed YouTube video premiere” and “The most-viewed YouTube music video premiere” by achieving 1.66 million views.

On June 28, the music video for ‘How You Like That‘ surpassed 100 million views in just 32 hours after its release – the shortest time ever on YouTube, which has been reported by major foreign media.

Guinness introduced BLACKPINK as not only a girl group with the most followers on Spotify, but also a music group with the largest number of subscribers on YouTube.

“How You Like That” is a hip-hop song with the message, “Let’s go forward and soar high in any dark situation.” As soon as the song was released as a digital single on June 26, it showed its global impact by topping major music charts in South Korea as well as hitting the Spotify Global Top 50 Chart, the world’s largest music streaming service, and topping iTunes Chart in 64 countries, including the United States.