Being known as an “Oppa collector” but Lisa has the support from both fanboys and fangirls like an extremely powerful individual fandom when they not only with her heartfelt support but also enthusiastically fans to buy the group’s album!


After 4 years of long and tireless wait, BLINK finally has the opportunity to own the first album of BLACKPINK. With a large fan base accumulated and increased dramatically over the years, plus a long wait, as soon as the album announcement was released, orders were quickly completed!

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that when it was just the first day that the sold album, the number of sold albums recorded a huge number of 590,000 copies (as announced by Hanteo), simultaneously breaking the achievements of all female artists, directly step up to compete with the top names.


Behind this remarkable achievement is a fierce competition between the members’ individual fandom, the more albums their fans buy, the more they prove their popularity. So fans are constantly supporting to assert the reputation of their bias. And in this race, Lisa’s fandom is internally the leading winner, far ahead of the other members’ fandom.


Only the two biggest bars (“Bar” is how to called “fandom” in China) in China, LISABAR and LISACHINA, have bought 131,021 copies, contributing about 22% of all BLACKPINK albums sold. With the price of 20,000 won/album, the spending of these two bars spent an extremely huge amount of over 2.6 billion won.


Moreover, this is only the number in the first order. The bars have no intention of stopping there and have announced that they will continue to buy more albums in the upcoming order. Expected that the amount spent will increase dramatically.

Chinese fans are known for being generous, not afraid to spend money on idols. Lisa also has the advantage of increasing the popularity of the country of a billion fans thanks to the positive effect of the program Youth With You 2. Therefore, the number of albums ordered by her fans is outstanding so.


However, the data also shows that the other members’ fandom is just as formidable. Although Lisa’s fans are in the lead, but currently is just the warm-up, the upcoming race will probably be even more intense and witness a lot of turmoil. Let’s wait and see if the throne among individual fandoms changes hands and BLACKPINK will thereby establish even more unbelievable records.