Top 7 female all-rounders of K-Pop 3rd generation

Top 7 female all-rounders of K-Pop 3rd generation

In addition to idols who stand out in a specific aspect such as vocal, dance or visual, Korean netizens often give more...

In addition to idols who stand out in a specific aspect such as vocal, dance or visual, Korean netizens often give more praise to all-rounders - idols who are good at almost everything. Actually, they are not necessarily the best in every aspect, but their skills of singing, dancing and mastering the stage are very good evenly. In addition, it is a plus point that their visuals are also impressive.

Recently, a Korean netizen on the Pann forum have selected 7 female idols from the 3rd generation of K-Pop who are considered to be all-rounders. Let's take a look.



Netizens' comment: "Seulgi is really awesome. She cam simply do it all. She sings well and dances as well. What surprised me the most was that she thought her voice was not good enough, so she always tried to train more."



Netizens' comment: "She is really an all-rounder. Even though she's the main dancer, she's good at singing and rapping. Her dance style is really beautiful. And her body ratio is also nice."



Netizens' comment: "I know that all the MAMAMOO members are amazing, but among them I have to choose Wheein. Everyone knows she has great vocal skills, but she dances very well, too."



Netizens' comment: "She is my favorite idol. The elements needed to become an idol in her are very balanced: Whether it is her look, dancing or singing, she has it all. On stage, her performances are very charismatic and outstanding. "



Netizens' comment: "She is the main vocal, but she also has the ability to control her body very flexibly when dancing. Her vocal alone is enough to bring us to heaven."



Netizens' comment: "This is just my personal opinion. But Nayeon is really one of the all-rounders. She can sing, dance and was born to be the center. Every time I look at Nayeon, I always wonder what would happen if she didn't become an idol. It would be a waste."



Netizens' comment: "Lisa dances well, too, but I can only pick one per group, so I choose Rosé. Her voice is really unbelievable, while she dances and owns the stage as well."

To other netizens, most of the above representatives are recognized thanks to their balance in singing - dancing - mastering the stages, and all are beautiful and attractive. However, one case received mixed opinions: TWICE Nayeon. Since her failed encore not long ago, Korean netizens have completely lost faith in the singing talents of the JYP girl. Although Nayeon was not the most criticized among TWICE members, her live skills are not as strong as the remaining 6 idols on the list.

Here are some other typical comments on the 7 female all-rounders of K-Pop 3rd generation picked above:

  • "Thanks for choosing Nayeon. Nayeon is really good, I can understand why she was chosen as the center."
  • "I think I will choose Jennie (BLACKPINK)."
  • "Yuju!! I was surprised to see her dance."
  • "Nayeon was born to be an idol."
  • "Rosé is very good! She dances well and her voice color is good too."
  • "Nayeon can't sing. Apparently she only stood out among the members of TWICE. Comparing to other idols, her skills were not good."
  • "I like Jennie too. She is very good at rapping, can sing in English, can dance, is beautiful, chic and simply her everything is in harmony. She is my taste!"
  • "I think Yuju's dancing skill has improved a lot since 'Fever'. I think she is the best after SinB. When watching 'Apple' choreography, I greatly appreciated her dancing ability."
  • "Seolgi is good at everything. Previously I thought she's only beautiful, but it turned out she was good at other skills too."
  • "Nayeon is the worst here."
  • "I'm a TWICE fan and I have to admit that I am very worried about their vocal, especially when they sing live."
  • "If you are a little more alert, you must remove Nayeon from this list. Haha, I'm a little worried about her singing!"
  • "Why is it so hard for you guys to admit that Nayeon is a all-rounder?"