These idols will always take their fandoms wherever they go.

Fans of K-pop know how hard their favorite idols work to please them in any way possible. They work endlessly by releasing new projects, performing at live shows, and more. In return, the fans of K-pop idols show them as much love as one possibly can. Idols are constantly reminded of how much energy their fandoms give them and how much their fans push them to be greater. 

These idols a truly grateful for their fanbases. Some idols have even taken it up a notch to show their gratitude by dedicating a tattoo to their fans! The idols on this list have a permanent reminder of all the support their fans give them each day.

Here are 6 K-pop idols that have special tattoos dedicated to their darling fans!

Jay Park


Jay Park does not do meaningless tattoos. He has expressed that every tattoo he has is important and holds a valuable meaning to him. One of those valuable tattoos is the name for Jay Park’s fanbase called the ‘JWalkerz!’




Jessi has an image of a swallow bird on her arm to symbolize her fandom. The name for Jessi’s fandom is called ‘Jabbie.’ The name is very similar to the word for swallow bird in Korean known as jebi. Her tattoo and the story behind it is very heartfelt!


AOA’s Shin Jimin


Shin Jimin, a member of the girl group AOA, has put her fan-dedicated tattoo on an interesting location of her body. The fandom’s name, ‘Elvis,’ is tattooed on her index and middle fingers. No matter if she is waving at fans and holding up the peace sign, Shin Jimin will always be giving thanks to her fans with her tattoo!


WINNER’s Seunghoon


WINNER’s Seunghoon has a special tattoo on the upper part of his back. That special tattoo is a symbol for his group’s fanbase known as the ‘Inner Circle.’ The tattoo is absolutely creative and deserving!




Zico has a cute and friendly reminder of his fans from Block B that got him where he is today. On the right side of his torso, Zico has an adorable tattoo of a honey bee. Block B calls their fans ‘honey bees,’ and Zico’s sweet tattoo shows how appreciative he is of them.


BTS’ Jungkook


Jungkook wrote ‘ARMY’ on his right hand. Fans initially thought that the tattoos were not permanent. However, after spotted the idol with the same tattoos multiple times, they found out that the tattoos were permanent.