Due to the increasing popularity of K-pop and Hallyu across the globe, several K-pop groups debuting in the third-generation era are getting the attention and support that they deserve even before their debut in the music scene.

However, these K-pop groups debuted with little to no hype, but determination and perseverance guided them to achieve the success they are experiencing right now.

Here are the underrated K-pop groups when they debuted but got a breakthrough leading them to their popularity.

1. BTS


The world-renowned K-pop group BTS is actually underrated when they debuted. In 2013, they released their debut song, “No More Dream.” Though during their rookie years, they got four rookie awards, they aren’t hyped that much and even released songs that became “failure.” However, the start of their breakthrough happened after releasing “RUN” in 2015, and got their major success later on in 2016 worldwide after releasing “Blood, Sweat and Tears” and “Fire.”


2. BtoB


According to fans, BtoB is yet to achieve their highest point in the K-pop industry, but since their debut in 2012, their success is gradually increasing. The vocal group member Sungjae helped them to be recognized after gaining attention from netizens due to his acting, but it is only one of the many factors why they are successful right now.


The K-pop group has slow yet steady growth in the industry because of their talent, skills, and humor that many fans are loving.

3. Victon


Victon debuted in 2016, but they are unfortunately one of the underrated K-pop bands. However, one of the factors that completely made them rose to fame is after members Seungwoo and Byungchan joined MNET’s Produce 101, which draw netizens’ attention to check on them. In particular, other members, including Hanse and Subin who aren’t contestants attract fans as well as leading for their groups to create a hype.


Seungwoo debuted with X1 after making it to the final lineup, but when they disbanded due to turmoil of controversies involving the show, he joined the group VICTON again and made their comeback, successfully hitting the charts. In 2020 Soribada, Victon got their first Bonsang (major award).



MAMAMOO are also not popular when they debuted, but after releasing “Um Oh Ah Yeah,” they finally attract netizens’ interest. Since then, they gradually gained fans after recognizing their cool aura and amazing singing skills, which is breaking the cute and pure concepts of other K-pop girl groups. Their appearance on music shows such as “Immortal Songs,” and “Queendom” became their major breakthrough.


In addition to this, MAMAMOO is one of the K-pop group wherein every member are solo artists, proving that their individual skills and image.



Only selling out 2,000 copies during their debut, VIXX then rose to success slowly yet with impact. “Voodoo Doll,” got them the recognition they deserve, not until they released “Chained Up” in 2015 and become a major hit in Korea, as well as other international countries.


Several K-pop groups are considered underrated in international countries, but most of them still receive attention from Korean fans. However, these groups indeed started from the bottom, debuting from small agencies, small fandom and gradually climbed to their fame.