In order to survive and get the attention of the public, K-Pop idol groups must always renew themselves. They experience different concepts each comeback not only to impress the listeners with good music, but also to satisfy the eyes with perfect visuals. Although there are many new and attractive concepts nowadays, it seems that netizens sometimes still miss the earlier, old concepts of some of the current popular groups.

These concepts have in common that although they are not too complex, they give a feeling of both purity and unfamiliarity. They all create a unique quality for the group and leave a deep impression in the memories of K-Pop fans. On a Korean forum, a netizen has listed 5 early concepts of K-Pop groups that made others nostalgic and want to see them again. Here they are:

APINK – adorable, “first love” concept


In 2013, Apink had a comeback with the title song ‘NoNoNo’. Immediately, this sweet-styled song with its catchy tune became Apink’s trademark hit. In addition, the pure concept with dresses inspired by sailor outfits also became a trend for women.

The similar concepts that followed Apink’s popularity were during the ‘Mr. Chu’ and ‘LUV’ promotions. The common point of these concepts is femininity and cuteness. In addition, it can be seen that all brought a very pleasant feeling to viewers. These concepts resembling a pure first love captured the hearts of many boys.

Red Velvet – sweet but mysterious concept


Red Velvet is known for their diverse experiences in concepts. The group is particularly good at concepts that give off a sense of mystery and horror. However, netizens are still most impressed with their album ‘Ice Cream Cake’ in 2015.

At that time, the girls released a very unique concept: Fresh outfits with pastel colors or bright colors within a ghostly and a bit creepy atmosphere. Even now, the charm of the ‘Ice Cream Cake’ concept is still highly appreciated by Knet.

GFRIEND – pure, light concept


Since GFriend‘s debut, their agency Source Music has focused on building for the group concepts that bring a pure feeling. Although this kind of “school girls” concepts are nothing new in the industry, with GFriend, they weren’t boring at all because the group even tried wearing skirts and gym uniforms.

The next two concepts of GFriend that are very popular are in the ‘Rough’ and ‘Navillera’ era. ‘Rough’ was still all about school uniforms, but this time it feels more elegant. Meanwhile, ‘Navillera’ is a colorful concept but with a classic and sad background. The common point of all these concepts is the simplicity and lightness like a summer breeze but enough to make others fall in love with the girls.

EXO – dark, curiosity-arousing concept


EXO is also a group that is well invested when it comes to concepts. Since their debut, each of their comeback has brought a whole new feeling to the public that makes they extremely excited. In the beginning, EXO’s outfits all had dark colors. The best concept of EXO for Knet is that of the ‘Overdose’ era, because although it looked simple, it made a great impression.

This darkness had also been clearly shown in their debut song ‘MAMA’ and then the massive hit ‘Growl’. Although the outfits were completely different, the one thing in common was that they created a mysterious atmosphere, well supporting EXO’s supernatural abilities. Netizens thought these concepts were very stimulating and made them want to learn more about the group.

BTS – youthful but painful concept

For Knet, their favorite concept of BTS lies in the 2015-2016 era, when the group is promoting ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life,’. They wanted to show different aspects of youth: There is maturity, there is uplift, but also rebellion and pain.


The two songs that best conveyed this concept are ‘I Need U’ and ‘RUN’. This is BTS’s most popular concept with Knet, and also the concept that helped the group start to become famous and gradually reach the peak of glory today. Many people think that BTS brought a fresh feeling but also a sense of nostalgia through this concept, and they really want to see it again.

Out of these 5 concepts, which makes you most nostalgic? Please share with us.