Few people know that there are many Korean stars born with everything.

The Korean film world has many painted films about the country’s wealthy elite. There are stories that people thought could only be in movies but turned out to exist in real life versions. According to Forbes‘s statistics, the total net worth of Korea’s 50 richest people in 2020 is $ 110.8 billion – slightly higher than last year’s $ 110 billion valuation.

In a recent SCMP article, a list of 5 Korean stars is listed as the real-life version of “Crazy Rich Asian”, including: Actor Kang Dong Won, singer / actor Choi Siwon, actor Yoon Tae Young, Lee Boo Jin (daughter of Lee Kun Hee, president of Samsung Electronics), Suh Min Jung (daughter of Suh Kyung Bae, billionaire behind cosmetics giant AmorePacific).

Lee Boo Jin


We start the list with Lee Boo Jin, the beloved daughter of Lee Kun Hee, president of Samsung Electronics and currently the richest man in Korea. “Princess Samsung” ranked 87th out of 100 most powerful women in the world voted by Forbes magazine. However, the heiress Lee Boo Jin also has her own career in the hotel industry. She is currently the president and CEO of a famous luxury hotel chain in Korea. Lee Boo Jin’s net worth is about $ 1.6 billion.

Kang Dong Won


Kang Dong Won is still a mysterious story of Korean showbiz because of the almost absolute confidentiality of the male actor. Handsome, owning cult movies is something people can easily say when talking about Kang Dong Won. But it is a fact that is the great family of Kang Dong Won.

It is reported that Kang Dong Won is the son of the vice chairman of Korea’s second largest shipbuilding corporation SSP. SSP Company is expected to reach the income milestone of 2.5 billion dollars by 2015. Later, during a press conference, Kang Dong Won revealed that in fact, the His father’s company merged with a large shipbuilding corporation, so he became a Deputy Director, not from the beginning, he owned such a “huge” company. Although Kang Dong Won is extremely tight-lipped and never flaunts his family background, the secret stories about the actor’s wealth are always the subject of public interest.

Choi Siwon


As a prominent member of the popular group Super Junior, Siwon easily has a rich life. But the truth is that Siwon was able to live comfortably when born into a rich and powerful family. The handsome singer’s father is the former CEO of the pharmaceutical company Boryung Medience, while his mother owns a very famous lingerie brand.

But despite coming from a wealthy family, Siwon is not a bragger. He spends his personal time devoted to society through his role as a regional ambassador for Unicef ​​East Asia and the Pacific.

Suh Min Jung


Suh Min Jung is the eldest daughter of Suh Kyung Bae, the billionaire behind the cosmetics giant AmorePacific and the granddaughter of Shin Choon Ho, president of food and beverage company Nongshim Group.

Cornell University graduates currently hold the second largest stakes in Etude House and Innisfree, two AmorePacific product brands.

Yoon Tae Young


As an actor, but Yoon Tae Young’s background is “enormous” than the roles he plays. The actor used to be a well-known face thanks to his impressive roles in Smart Girl, Emperor of Four Gods, Sun Hee and Jin Hee …

Considering the popularity, it seems that Yoon Tae Young is inferior to the two juniors, Choi Siwon and Kang Dong Won, but perhaps in terms of family, this actor is superior. Yoon Tae Young is the son of Yun Jong Yong – former vice president of Samsung Electronics.

Not only rich with wealth up to $ 4 billion, Yoon Tae Yong’s family is considered to have a very large position in Korea. In 2007, Yoon Tae Young married actress Im Yoo Jin. The wedding was very luxurious and luxurious with 4,000 guests. In the 200 VIP guests, there were Seoul mayor Lee Myung Bak, former President Park Geun Hye, chairman of Samsung, vice president of LG.