As the leader of the music trend, for more than 20 years of its formation and development, SM Entertainment has created many popular idols and released a series of top-notch products. Almost all of the company’s groups are famous with addictive songs, following the music that is friendly to a large audience. However, there are still 2 special exceptions, who have the weirdest music concepts.

Netizens on an online forum in South Korea recently pointed out that f(x) and NCT 127 are the only two SM groups that can pull off the weirdest concepts and most confusing music. Usually, most SM groups only have 1 or 2 songs in their albums that are quite strange compared to the general trend. However, with these two idol groups, their music orientation itself has been said to be completely different from the rest of K-Pop.

f(x) (debuted in 2009)


Debut song: ‘LA chA TA’

Their songs are rated as “most difficult to understand”, including:



‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’

There are also ‘Electric Shock’, ‘Red Light’…

NCT 127 (debuted in 2016)

Debut song: ‘Fire Truck’

Other confusing songs include:

‘Cherry Bomb’

‘Simon Says’


There are also ‘Limitless’, ‘Kick It’…

Commenting on this topic, Korean netizens said that although the music of f(x) and NCT 127 is “confusing” compared to other K-Pop groups, their songs still have their own special charm that once you get in, you never get out.

  • “For me, all the songs of these 2 groups are very good.”
  • “f(x) has a lot of delicate songs. And NCT’s songs are not gentle but very fresh. Their debut ‘The 7th Sense’ (NCT U) is really ahead of their time.”
  • “The music of f(x) and NCT 127 are my taste.”
  • “For me, the music of these 2 groups is so confusing… The lyrics seem very deep, but I don’t really know what their meanings really are.”
  • “f(x) and NCT 127 really have the weirdest concepts. They are sophisticated and unique.”
  • “NCT’s music is the type that is five years ahead of current music trends. When ‘Cherry Bomb’ was released, I was like ‘What the hell is this?’, but now I listen to it again and I love it.”
  • “The music orientation of these two groups is special and attractive in their own way.”
  • “I still listen to ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ even now.”
  • “After all this time, I still don’t understand what ‘NU ABO’ means.”

What do you think of the music of f(x) and NCT 127?