Many of these groups have been around for a long time, but they still managed to attract a lot of new followers on their Twitter.

Korean netizens have recently summarized the number of new followers on Twitter that K-Pop idol groups recorded from January to June 2020. Through this, we can see which groups have attracted more new fans on this popular social platform.

Here are the top 10 idol groups with the highest number of new followers on Twitter in the first half of 2020.

BTS: 3,490,623 new followers


TXT: 1,510,184 new followers


EXO: 1,435,246 new followers


TWICE: 1,096,150 new followers


NCT 127: 1,093,956 new followers


GOT7: 943,095 new followers


NCT: 925,215 new followers


NCT Dream: 912,418 new followers


BLACKPINK: 812,629 new followers


Stray Kids: 757,540 new followers


The next 5 idol groups include:

  • Red Velvet: 669,000 new followers
  • SEVENTEEN: 665,000 new followers
  • ITZY: 610,000 new followers
  • ATEEZ: 550,000 new followers
  • SuperM: 510,000 new followers

Many netizens realized an interesting fact that the top 10 on this list are all from the “BIG 4” companies: SM, JYP, YG and Big Hit. And if you take the top 15 to account, except for ATEEZ, the remaining 14 groups are from large companies. In addition, some groups such as BTS or EXO also surprised people because even though they have been active for a long time, they still attracted a large number of new fans.