10 Reasons Why Jungkook Is Sweet

10 Reasons Why Jungkook Is Sweet

Jungkook is a South Korean singer, dancer, and rapper. He often goes with the name JK as well. Jungkook is famous fo...

Jungkook is a South Korean singer, dancer, and rapper. He often goes with the name JK as well.

Jungkook is famous for his wide array of talents, but the ARMYs know that the greatest attribute of this Golden Maknae is his golden heart. Here are the top 10 reasons why Jungkook is the sweetest:

1. He sings like an angel.

Aside from his golden heart, he has the most angelic voice that matches it. Besides BTS's song, Jungkook also covers worldwide famous singer's songs with his sweet vocal in Korean or English.


'Still With You', one of the songs singing by Jungkook is mentioned nowadays. As part of 2020 BTS Festa, Jungkook released this new solo track. Jungkook co-produced the song along with Pdogg, and the URL for the song on SoundCloud reads “thankyouarmy2020.”

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2. He helps the staff in cleaning up at ISAC.


A fan has spotted Jeon Jungkook showing his golden heart at the ISAC or Idol Star Athletic Championships in 2017. He stopped just to help the staff and crew members at the show, just to pick up some garbages left on the facility’s floor.

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3. He smiles heavenly to others.


His smile can light up a room. He doesn’t fail to give his smiles to all the ARMYs, and those who are around him.

4. He never forgets where he came from.


Even though Jungkook is now an international star, he has stayed so humble through all of it.

5. His silliness brings so much joy to millions of ARMYs.


Jungkook is actually as silly as he’s skilled. His endless silliness is what brings fans all over the world, happiness. May it be stuffing things in his mouth, or doing some ridiculous dances, he is sure to make you happy.

6. He loves his fans sincerely.


He never fails to express his love for ARMYs –and he always takes every opportunity to thank them for supporting KPop.

7. His passion for music inspires people to chase their dreams.


Even though Jungkook is gifted with a lot of talents, you can’t deny the fact that he’s worked so hard just to get where he is now. He had to surpass a lot of obstacles, including his shyness to reach his full potential. His journey of being an underdog to being a superstar now has been an inspiration to many fans all over the world to pursue their own dreams.

8. He always strives in giving his best performance possible.


He is a natural-born performer and a perfectionist. He does not aim in meeting any expectations –he just wants to exceed them every single performance he has.

9. He ‘literally’ saved someone’s life.


On one episode of ‘Visiting Teacher,’ TV personality Kim Sung Joo said that Jungkook rescued and saved him from a dangerous situation at the DMC Festival in 2016.

10. He takes care of his older members, although he is the youngest.


Jungkook is a very strong guy, inside and out, and he has proved that he is someone that his members can rely on every time they need a crying shoulder. He is always there for his brothers when they need him the most. And he considers other member’s struggles as important as his own.