Yeo Jin Goo shares thoughts about the most compatible actress partner on “Access Showbiz Tonight

Actor Yeo Jin Goo, who has been showing the true value of acting genius since his debut in 2006, will appear in “Access Showbiz Tonight,” which airs on June 10th.


God Jin Goo,” who started appearing at the age of nine and young, perfectly performs various roles, including the crown prince, independence activist, figure, and hotel manager, which faithfully shows his genius acting.

Recently, Yeo Jin Goo, the youngest actor, is trying his second fixed entertainment show. Kapichu embarrassed him by asking sudden questions at the first meeting, citing his quickness among the qualities he should have as a senior in entertainment. However, he gave an unexpected and witty answer in the three-line poem mission.

Yeo Jin Goo was unable to answer the question “Which actress is the best?Among these actresses Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Se Young, IU, Seol Hyun, who has shown the perfect combination as a true lover?” And it was a pity that he couldn’t answer.


Yeo Jin Goo also showed his hidden side in “Access Showbiz Tonight”.  Though he has worked on more than 40 works, he has never played a villain yet, and the show asked him to act as a villain on the spot.

It is known that everyone at the studio was surprised at the acting appearance without hesitation for the cursing lines with sudden eyes changes. Even only cooking experts show off their standard working skills, and special dishes are made public at midnight.