Suzy ‘s Start Up and Krystal ‘s Search, which aired on the same day, also gathered two goddesses who attracted the media, which works prevailed after the first episode?


On the evening of October 17, two works representing the faces of two famous idol-born actresses: Start Up – Suzy and Search – Krystal simultaneously landed on the small screen. While Start Up is bold and revolves around young startups, Search is much heavier when it comes to exploiting mysterious murders and disappearances that take place in the South-North Korean demilitarized zone. With their own attractions, both films successfully captured the top 1 trending trend in Korea.


Specifically, after the end of episode 1, the Start Up of the duo Suzy – Nam Joo Hyuk took the top 1 position on the Korean Naver trending. On Twitter, the film climbed to the top 3 of Korean Twitter and reached the top 10 of Twitter for some other countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia. The main attractions for the audience in the first episode are Suzy’s still-standard beauty, interesting interactions between the characters and attractive frames, and investment in quality and skillful techniques.


After episode 1 ended, Krystal’s Search – Jang Dong Yoon (broadcast 1 hour after Start Up) also successfully replaced the opponent on top 1 trending Naver. However, on the Twitter front, Search is less heat and cannot reach the top trending like Start Up. This is quite understandable due to the relatively heavy content of Search, the first episode was covered in a dark atmosphere of tension when the task force had to track down the “monsters” that caused mysterious cases, the rest. regarding South and North Korea issue. The film can attract action detective moviegoers thanks to its series of dramatic details and “heart-pounding” sensational action, but it is afraid that it will be difficult to infuse with mass audiences or international audiences in general.

Start Up and Search both air Saturday and Sunday every week on tvN and on OCN.