tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Start-Up‘ makes fresh heartbeats when unveiling the youth chemistry close poster of Nam Joo Hyuk and Bae Suzy.

It is expected that Bae Suzy (Seodalmi Station), Nam Joo Hyuk (Namnamsan Station), Kim Sun Ho (Han Jipyeong Station), and Kang Han Na (Han In Jae Station), who will live and breathe vividly in the warm gaze of the writer Park Hye Ryeon and director Oh Choong Hwan.

As the lineup boasts fantastic visuals, many people are waiting for a thrilling romance. Attention is drawn to the relationship between Seo Dal Mi, who will add to Bae Suzy’s lovely charm, and Nam Do San, who is expected to see a new look of Nam Joo Hyuk, who turned into a nut, become entangled with an unexpected “first love.”


As a result, the couple’s posters have been released, which is heating up the viewers’ hearts. The gentle smile of Seo Dal Mi and the soft eyes of Nam Do San give off the excitement, while the two people sitting leaning against each other give off perfect physical chemistry.

In addition, like the phrase “Where Our Story Begins,” the two characters are curious about what kind of start-ups they will start in the sandbox where young people with their dreams and stories gather.

The production team of “Start-Up” said, “Just a month is left until the first episode on October 17. With the energy of our youth, we will be back with a good drama that will give comfort to many people”.

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Sunday-drama “Start-Up,” which was reunited after “While You Were Sleeping,” will premiere at 9 p.m. on Saturday, October 17, with author Park Hye-ryeon, who wrote “Pinocchio” and director Oh Choong-hwan, who directed “Hotel Del Luna” and “Doctors“.

Stay tuned and wait for further information about the upcoming drama.