TV Chosun’s “Somehow Family” will be going on hiatus as their staff members are boycotting filming after some were not paid.


“Somehow Family” had previously not aired on April 12, with the production team and network stating it was due to changes to the schedule caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and their aim to create a safer production environment.


However, someone with knowledge about the current internal situation told Yonhap News on April 16, “It’s not because of COVID-19, it’s because they have nothing to air because they’re behind on paying the staff.” It’s reported that some staff members, including the art team and casting team, have not been paid since February, and so the staff decided to boycott filming.


On April 17, TV Chosun commented, “After holding a meeting regarding ‘Somehow Family,’ we have decided not to broadcast until payments have been settled.” The show will therefore not air on April 19.

Regarding the lack of payments, they explained, “We are very sorry. The production company has said that they would deposit the money as quickly as possible so we hope the show will be able to return soon.