Shin Min Ah has made fans become excited by starring as the female lead in the new movieDiva‘, which will be released in September.

Megabox Central PlusM released the first poster announcing the actress acting transformation, saying the movie “Diva” was confirmed to be released in September.


Beyond the original meaning of “Goddess” in Latin, the movie “Diva” is a combination of competition and desire behind the colorful diving scene, drawing attention for actress Shin Min Ah’s transformation. Diva confirmed its release in September by releasing the first poster that heralds Shin Min Ah’s new face.

“Diva” is a mystery thriller that occurs when the latent desire and madness wake up after the diving queen, Lee Young, was involved in a mysterious car accident. In the play, Shin Min Ah plays the role of “Lee Young,” who is slowly eroded by desire and madness amid lost memories, missing friends, and cracks that have arisen in the meantime, heralding a complete transformation of her acting. Attention is focusing on how the actress, who has been loved by men and women of all ages for her lovely appearance, will make a comeback on the screen.

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The role of her friend “Sujin” will be played by Lee Yoo Young, the owner of delicate acting skills, working with Shin. Having captivated the public by sweeping the prestigious film festival since his debut, he draws a mysterious line of emotions between friends and rivals. On top of that, Lee Kyu Hyung plays the role of Kim Hyun Min, a coach who has watched “Lee Young” and “Sujin” for longer than anyone else, adding perfection to the play.

Meanwhile, the first poster released catches the eye of Shin Min Ah’s cool expression and slightly raised corners of her mouth at once.