Seo In Guk has shown his support for Kim Tae Hee and her drama “Hi Bye, Mama”!


On April 4, Kim Tae Hee took to her personal Instagram account to share a photo with the caption, “Thank you, Seo In Guk. The cast and crew really enjoyed the delicious coffee and snacks.”

The photo shows Kim Tae Hee posing in front of the coffee truck that Seo In Guk had sent. Banners on the truck read, “Kim Tae Hee, the pride of Ulsan. Please enjoy a refreshing drink hehe,” and “I support Tae Hee and ‘Hi Bye, Mama.’ From Seo In Guk.”

Both Seo In Guk and Kim Tae Hee call Ulsan their hometown, and they are labelmates signed under Story J Company.

Kim Tae Hee currently appears in the tvN drama “Hi Bye, Mama” and Seo In Guk is currently in talks to lead a new MBC action thriller.