tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Record of Youth” has revealed a new teaser!

Starring Park Bo GumPark So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok, “Record of Youth” follows the story of young people in the modeling industry who are trying to achieve their dreams.

Park Bo Gum plays the bright and warm yet realistic Sa Hye Joon, who’s aiming to become a model and actor. Park So Dam takes on the role of sensible and hardworking Ahn Jung Ha, who is Sa Hye Joon’s fan. She enters a major company after graduating from a top college, but three years later, she gives up her job to chase her dream of becoming a makeup artist. Byun Woo Seok portrays Won Hae Hyo, who also dreams of becoming an actor and wants to be acknowledged for his efforts and talents rather than his family.


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The teaser starts with a frustrated Sa Hye Joon saying, “You’re asking how I got here? Why? Is there something about me?” He then gets into an argument with his father, who doesn’t support his dreams.

Ahn Jung Ha faces tough times as well when she becomes discouraged at work. At home, Ahn Jung Ha scrolls through social media and edits her own videos, smiling at the thought of becoming a makeup artist.


Next, Won Hae Hyo is in a conversation with someone and says, “What can we do? I’m taking responsibility for Hye Joon.” Meanwhile, Sa Hye Joon shares his concerns about the future and tells Won Hae Hyo, “When you get older, your friends change according to how well you’re doing.” Won Hae Hyo replies, “That doesn’t apply to us.”

Later, Ahn Jung Ha shows off her determination and says, “You have to create it for yourself. Nobody will give you anything fun for free.” Park Bo Gum shares a similar mindset. “I believe more in working for myself, not for others,” he says.

The teaser ends with the statement, “Remember my dreams, reality, and friendship, and join me.”

Watch the full clip below!

“Record of Youth” will premiere on September 7 at 9 p.m. KST.