Actress Park Joo Hyun, who rose to stardom with the Netflix drama ‘Extracurricular’, will continue to be the female lead of the 20 billion-won masterpiece ‘Silence’.


A movie official said on August 26 that, “Park Joo Hyun has been confirmed to be the heroine of the blockbuster ‘Silence’, which stars Ju Ji Hoon and Lee Sun Kyun and costs 20 billion won to produce.” Produced by director Kim Yong Hwa’s Dexter Studio, which created ‘Take Off’ and ‘Along with the Gods’ series, “Silence” is a huge movie that depicts what happens when a series of crashes take place on Incheon Bridge and an unidentified monster is released in the aftermath.

The actress confirmed her appearance in ‘Silence’ and was scheduled to hold a meeting with Kim Yong Hwa, the production company’s CEO, for the first time on the same day.

‘Zombie Detective’

This is the third film that Park Joo Hyun starred in this year, after ‘Extracurricular‘ and ‘Zombie Detective’, which is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.