Park Hae Jin received a thoughtful surprise from his fans and co-workers on the 14th anniversary of his debut!

The actor is currently hard at work filming his upcoming MBC drama “Old-School Intern” (working title), but the drama’s staff took some time out of their busy filming schedule to celebrate the meaningful occasion.

Not only did the production crew meticulously prepare a hygiene-conscious celebration—complete with a cake—but Park Hae Jin’s fans also contributed to the celebration from afar. Although they could not be physically present on set due to COVID-19 safety regulations, many of Park Hae Jin’s fans sent flowers and presents, including a beautifully-decorated cake, a food truck, and a coffee truck.

Park Hae Jin remarked, “I want to express my support for everyone who is currently experiencing hardship in many different ways. We promise to do our utmost to create a great drama while being fastidious about safety. [This experience] has made me realize once again what a huge blessing it is for me to be able to celebrate the 14th anniversary of my debut with great people.”

He went on, “I hope that by carefully following safety regulations, we will be able to complete filming our drama without any problems, and that we will be able to give viewers even the slightest respite [through our drama]. Please always be healthy.”


“Old-School Intern” is currently scheduled to premiere in May, following the conclusion of MBC’s currently-airing drama “Find Me in Your Memory.”

Congratulations to Park Hae Jin on the 14th anniversary of his debut!