Park Bo Gum captured his fans’ hearts by releasing his good-looking still cuts when being an employee at a sandwich shop in his new drama ‘Record of Youth‘.


On September 2nd KST, tvN uploaded a behind the scenes clip of the making of the new drama. In the video, Park Bo Gum had become Sa Hye Joon and showed off his good looks as a sandwich shop worker.


Park Bo Gum had a small bandaid on his face as he took the orders of the customers. Park Bo Gum played a character in the drama but could not hide his good looks.

The behind-the-scenes show just a short clip of the actor but it was just enough time for netizens to fall head over heels for Park Bo Gum. Netizens stated, “This sandwich shop doesn’t need to worry about customers since Bo Gum is their worker.” and “I would eat all the sandwiches at that shop if Bo Gum made them.”


‘Record of Youth’ is a drama about the Youth who are struggling to fulfill their dreams and hit obstacles and walls. However, it portrays the youth constantly putting in the efforts and growing in the process. The first episode will premiere on September 7th at 9 PM on tvN.