Right from the beginning of Moon Lovers, Tenth Prince Wang Eun (EXO Baekhyun) gave the audience the feeling that he was mistakenly born into the royal family. The unwritten rule that human beings can live in forbidden places, no one has an unpredictable stomach, and the sincerity for them is a luxury. Yet, in that place, there was a Tenth Princes who were simply as innocent as a child. That boy never thought of a fight, his brotherhood to take the throne.

His dream is to open a huge toy store in Goryeo. The treasure he cherishes the most is the bird’s-eye-catching “pressing shot”. In his world, there didn’t seem to be room for sad worries.


Then, when Hae Soo (IU) appeared, that boy understood for the first time what the first-life vibration is. For a prince who grew up in the pampering and protection of everyone in the royal family, no one ever dared to argue with him, Hae Soo dared to respond, not even hesitate to “his upper hand. arms and legs “with him gradually attracted the attention of Wang Eun and as a natural, Hae Soo became his first love.


Witnessing how Wang Eun treated Hae Soo, everyone laughed at the boy’s innocent cuteness. When Hae Soo was troubled, Wang Eun joked and laughed at her. He gave Hae Soo his toys. In Hae Soo’s eyes, those were just trivial things, but in Wang Eun’s eyes they were priceless treasures. Those simple small gestures touched not only Hae Soo, but also touched the audience.

If the other love scenes in Moon Lovers are filled with love, are great love stories engraved with the heart, Wang Eun’s love for Hae Soo is as pure and innocent as a love teenage boy. The boy was a bit arrogant, his personality was a playful child, but his heart was very warm and sincere. He also loved his best with all his ability, also tried his best to bring a smile to the girl he loves.


However, the first love is usually not the last. Although Hae Soo is not the fateful daughter of his life, but Hae Soo is the turning point in Wang Eun’s life. When Wang Eun first tasted the reluctance of the prince’s lifetimes, the lifelong engagement cannot be decided by himself, the boy had a painful experience. It seemed that for one night, there was a grown-up teenager.


Fortunately, although not Hae Soo’s first love, but Wang Eun still has a girl who has been quietly unilaterally from childhood. Five years and years, that girl thought only for him, wanted him to be happy, even sacrificed his life to protect him. Unfortunately, God is too cruel to his self-created beings. Until he realized the value of that girl, it was time to leave.

Just because he was too simple, just because he could not become a minor, just because he never had a thought of his own brotherly success, he became a pawn on the chessboard of kingship. Only having found happiness last night, the next day had to go through separate yin and yang.


It’s not that Wang Eun has no other choice, if he listens to Hae Soo, he can still live. However, Wang Eun chose to stay in the coexistence with his hair’s wife. All because: “She only has me.”

In the end, the moment before she closed her eyes and rolled her hands, Wang Eun still tried to reach out to her wife but still could not keep up. See, the hearts of the witnesses were strangled by someone.


More tragic, because she was convicted of treason, Wang Eun’s body was not allowed to enter the royal tomb but had to be thrown into the forest to feed wild animals. Despite the fact that he was still secretly built a grave by Wang Jung (Ji Soo) and Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk), the end of the Tenth Princes still makes viewers suffer.

A teenager like that, did not enjoy a great union. Indeed, sometimes being gentle is not always good. Wang Eun is so nice, still forgotten by God.

Just wish in the next life, be born in a normal family, don’t be royal descendants, find someone who loves you, you also love that person, and then live with that person until their teeth turn gray. There is no need to live a glorious life, a calm and peaceful life is also a kind of happiness, isn’t it?


Although it was the first time trying out an acting career, Baekhyun was unanimously praised by viewers for having completed the role of Ten Prince Wang Eun. Although the first few episodes were controversial, as later, Baekhyun ‘s acting ability has gradually been recognized and praised by the audience, especially when portraying inner scenes. Although now having to say goodbye to Wang Eun, fans hope to see Baekhyun again in the next small-screen projects soon.