Actress Moon Ga Young showed off her youthful beauty in her latest post!

On the afternoon of August 7, Moon Ga Young uploaded a selfie on her personal Instagram.


In the released photo, Moon Ga Young is looking straight at the camera and showing a cute expression. The coral lips make her look younger, especially when smiling lightly. Her white skin clearly shows her beauty.

On the other hand, Moon Ga Young is participating in the food variety show ‘Foodavengers’ of Olive channel. Along with that, she has also confirmed to play the female lead in the drama based on webtoon ‘True Beauty’ with Cha Eun Woo.


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The drama remake of ‘True Beauty’ is a high school romance centered around a second-year student, Lim Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young). Born between an intelligent but average-looking mother and a not-so-intelligent but drop-dead-handsome father, Joo Kyung’s siblings ended up with the good genes from both parents, while she herself ended up with all of the bad ones.