Lifetime Channel and KT Seezn has unveiled their perfect cast, announcing the confirmation of the production of ‘The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning’, a sequel to ‘Mermaid Prince’. Starting with Astro Moonbin, SF9 Hwiyoung, actors Chae Won Bin, Moon Sang Min, Yoon Seo Bin, Jung Bo Min, and Yoon Na Gyul, many new stars will join hand to give out a good romance.


‘The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning’ (‘Mermaid Prince 2’) is a romance drama in which a high school girl Cho A Ra (played by Chae Won Bin), who does not believe in love, meets “The Little Mermaid” Choi Woo Hyuk (played by Moonbin). Moonbin, who made a strong impression with stunning visuals and delicate emotional acting in the first series, will once again appear and play the mysterious Woo Hyuk in his high school days.

In addition, the next-generation acting idol, SF9 Hwiyoung is expected to play the role of Yoon Gun Eun, who looks cold on the outside, but is deeply in love with one person. In addition, actor Moon Sang Min, who showed off his solid acting skills in ‘Real High Romance’, will also show off his colorful performance in ‘Mermaid Prince 2’.

In addition, Jung Bo Min, Yoo Na Gyeol and Yoon Seo Bin, who made their faces known through a number of web dramas, including ‘Triple Fling’m were cast as main characters. It is said that the age of the cast members is similar, and the drama is expected to hit the jackpot with extraordinary chemistry and tension from the first scenes.

‘Mermaid Prince 2’ was filmed in early September and is scheduled to premiere in November.