Actress Lee Soo Kyung will greet viewers on April 19 as a host for the new beauty program produced by Lifetime network – ‘Beauty Time’.

‘Beauty Time’ is a program in which actresses and girl groups‘ members thoroughly dissect the latest beauty items as well as analyse trending beauty tips in the daily lives of Korean stars.


Lee Soo Kyung was selected as the new MC for ‘Beauty Time’, which will air at 8:10 PM on April 19.

Lee Soo Kyung is expected to lead the show with singer Hyomin, Lim Na Young from girl group I.O.I, and Hyebin from MOMOLAND. Lee Soo Kyung, who usually showed off her extraordinary beauty sense, is expected to give her honest and sincere advices, including the reveal of beauty tips from her experience without adding or removing anything.


Previously, Lee Soo Kyung also served as the main host of Trendy TV’s beauty program ‘Construction Operation Team F.B.I.’. So, viewers are keenly expecting to see her smooth hosting skills in the new show.