In the latest broadcast, Yoon Gyu Jin (Lee Sang Yeob) reunited with his first love Yoo Bo Young (Son Sung Yoon) by chance.

KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “Once Again” has released new stills for the upcoming episodes! “Once Again” tells the story of four siblings, following their individual lives and comparing their opinions on marriage and divorce.


Getting over their surprise, the two smiled and greeted each other. Later, Yoon Gyu Jin found out that Yoo Bo Young’s son had been admitted to the hospital and requested that Song Na Hee (Lee Min Jung), the doctor in charge, to take good care of the son, creating an air of curiosity about their relationship.

In the midst of their unexpected reunion, the stills capture Yoon Gyu Jin, Yoo Bo Young, and her son getting along well. Viewers are anticipating the past stories about Yoon Gyu Jin and Yoo Bo Young’s relationship in the next episodes, as well as the changes in the three characters’ emotions.


Song Na Hee, with a facial expression that is hard to read, stares at the trio, sparking curiosity. Her appearance of seriousness in that moment has viewers predicting that Song Na Hee has remembered Yoo Bo Young to be Yoon Gyu Jin’s first love.