Lee Do Hyun is showing his charm in the pictorials with the October issue of the fashion magazine ‘W Korea‘, drawing attention with the boyish and masculine transformation of 18 Again‘ character Ko Woo Young.


In the photo released, Lee Do Hyun catches the eye with a chic aura, seemingly indifferent. His eyes, where intensity and tenderness coexist, create a dreamy atmosphere. His sturdy figure, which was revealed between the white shirts in the picture, is also eye-catching. Controlled sexiness and fascinating charisma stimulate excitement.

In a subsequent interview, the actor spoke candidly. He talked about his school days with the introduction of JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “18 Again,” which is currently airing. The actor, who actually dreamed of becoming a basketball player like his character in the play, said, “When I was in school, I stayed quiet and mainly exercised. It was a point guard. If my father didn’t object, I would probably continue to exercise. My father used to play baseball when he was young, so I had a lot of time to work out with him since I was young. But he seems to have opposed it because he knows how hard the road is because he has worked out before”.


However, his father’s meaning at that time served as a stepping stone for actor Lee Do Hyun. He said, “My mother bought me an electronic notebook to use when studying English dictionary, which I used to sit on the sofa and watch movies with. Watching the movie, I naturally became interested in acting,” he said, explaining why he dreamed of becoming an actor. There were objections from around me that it would be just a temporary idea that I could dream about once in my teens, but I went to acting academies around the late second half of high school and told the truth only when it was the entrance exam season”.


I’ve been confident in taking the college entrance exam, but I’ve failed all of them. As I prepared for another year, I immediately came to my senses. Since then, we have changed our attitude toward acting and living. On top of that, the motto of life is “work hard.” I will do my best whatever is given to me,” he added, explaining the reason for his extraordinary efforts and passion.

He also expressed his thoughts and aspirations as an actor in his fourth year since his debut. Lee Do-hyun said, “The more I do, the more difficult it is. I once told Director Lee Eung Bok that it was difficult, but he said just one thing. ‘Isn’t it boring if it’s not hard?’ It felt like I was hit by a hammer. Why did I keep thinking it was hard when I started it as fun?” When asked about his dream as an actor, he said, “I want to hear ‘Roco Master of Art.’ I want to be called a ‘sexy male actor’ after my 30s,” adding to expectations for Lee Do-Hyun’s move, which is drawing more attention in the future.


The actor is leading positive reviews in his first major film “18 Again,” instantly turning his expectations into certainty. The full text of Lee’s pictorial and interview can be found in the October issue of “W Korea.”