Krystal has shared thoughts about preparing the process of her upcoming drama ‘Search‘ and her role in the movie.

In ‘Search’, which will premiere on October 17th, Krystal Jung plays Lieutenant Son Ye Rim, a special rental brain that seeks the essence of the enemy. “The script was fun, but I was very attracted to the character of a soldier who had never done it,” she said, expressing her aspiration, “It’s a work that I want to make people discover a new aspect, which is different from the image of Krystal that they know.”


The attractiveness of the hand lieutenant with the actress is infinite. Just the explanation that “I say what I have to say, my personality is always calm in everything, and I am an elite armed with natural physical strength, brilliant brains, and a burning desire for victory makes me feel enormous specs. Therefore, we are not easily swayed by emotions in the face of various crises we face in the non-armed areas. We will be able to concentrate on the given tasks and lead the special forces flexibly,” she said.

The actress had to play a character who boasted of her military spirit with various abilities, so she went through a thorough preparation process. “I had an interview with a real soldier, and I learned a lot of moves and shooting positions while attending an action school. I exercised a lot before shooting to build up my stamina. It was hard but fun because I like to use my body so much“.


Krystal Jung also left many points of anticipation for prospective viewers. There are more military shooting scenes than bare-body action scenes. “You’ll be able to watch a long, breathing drama in a movie-like mood,” she said, with the distinction of “going fresh to the viewers.” In addition, she added, “It was difficult to film in midsummer with a helmet, vest, gun, and even military boots, but I remember the most when I filmed with a lot of laughter because all the special rental actors were fun.” She also pointed out that “Special Rental Chemistry” was the most anticipated point. Lastly, if you look at the mystery behind “Search” together, you will enjoy it, she said, asking for interest in the upcoming “Search” this fall.

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Meanwhile, ‘Search’ is a military thriller drama about a top-notch search party organized to uncover the secrets of a mysterious disappearance and murder that began in the front-line DMZ. It is the fourth project of Dramatic Cinema, which combines the format of movies and dramas, and a large number of film producers have joined forces to herald the birth of well-made genres through the production of movies and the dense story of dramas.

Stay tuned and wait for more information about Krystal ‘s ‘Search’.