A new family comedy film starring female lead Krystal hits theaters this November!

In the new film ‘More Than Family‘, Krystal greets viewers on the big screen as a tough and straightforward 21-year old, Toh Il. When Toh Il was 7-years old, her mother remarried and her family moved from Daegu to Seoul. After entering college, Toh Il begins tutoring a 19-year old high school student, Ho Hoon (played by Shin Jae Hwi). They soon begin dating, and the relationship escalates until Toh Il becomes pregnant.

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5 months into her pregnancy, Toh Il appears in front of Ho Hoon’s parents and reveals their their intentions to marry. After giving Ho Hoon’s parents no choice but to “approve” the young couple’s marriage, Toh Il then decides that she must find her own birth father before her wedding date, and packs up her suitcase, bound for Daegu.

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What do you think of the premise of ‘More Than Family’ so far? Stay tuned and wait for further information of the film.