Singer Kim Woo Seok showed off his handsome appearance in the newest video.

On July 31, a video was posted with the status on the official Instagram account of the web drama ‘Twenty Twenty‘: “Who will fight with Hyun Jin (Lee Hyun Jin- played by Kim Woo Seok)?”


In the video, it has an image of Kim Woo Seok staring at the camera and saying, “I’m doing better than I thought. I’m getting sad.” Kim Woo Seok’s deep, clear eyes like the deer’s eyes of Kim Woo Seok attract attention. Although this is an enlarged screen, Kim Woo Seok’s jade-white skin and facial expression clearly accentuate his handsome appearance.

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After watching the video, fans expressed reactions such as: “So cute.”, “So handsome so I just watched the video in an instant.”, “I lost”, “I almost shed tears due to this crazy visual “…

Web content production company ‘Playlist’ is widely popular among web drama fans for hit series ‘A-Teen’ and ‘A-Teen 2’, as well as ‘XX’ aired earlier this year, and more. Directed by ‘A-Teen’ director Han Soo Ji, ‘Playlist’s newest series ‘Twenty Twenty’ will deal with the stories of young individuals who have just turned 20-years old, as they struggle with family, friendship, love, and growth.

‘Twenty Twenty’s female lead Chae Da Hee will be played by rising model-turned-actress, Han Sung Min. Ever since she was young, Chae Da Hee has always lived a life controlled by her mother. However, after turning 20-years old, she meets Lee Hyun Jin – a fellow 20-year old who has decided to live on his own.

Male lead Lee Hyun Jin will be played by Kim Woo Seok, a lonely character who has always felt isolated due to his parents’ busy careers. After turning 20, he decides to pursue his dreams independently by joining a music crew as a composer.

The drama will be first announced on Naver TV at 7 pm (Korean time) on August 15 and will be published on the official YouTube channel of Playlist from August 22 every Wednesday and Saturday.