Actor Kim Min Jae confirmed he will return to the small screen as a pianist in ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ – an upcoming drama from SBS.

Herald Pop on April 13 reported that Kim Min Jae has been confirmed to be the main character of SBS’ ‘Do You Like Brahms?’. It is a comeback ofhis high-speed work after the end of SBS’ ‘Dr. Romantic 2‘.


Kim Min-jae will star as elite pianist Park Joon Young, the lead role in the film. He won many international piano competitions after dominating the domestic competitions early on. He was born as the only son of a restaurant owner who had no idea of classical music and grew up under the care of the Cultural Heritage Foundation as he began to open his eyes to the piano.

Kim Min Jae in ‘Dr. Romantic 2’

The actor had been loved for portraying nurse Park Eun Tak on SBS’ ‘Dr. Romantic 2,’ which ended in February. He continued his career on SBS through ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ and turned into a pianist. He is expected to win viewers’ hearts with a completely new look. Expectations are also rising for his collaboration with Park Eun Bin, who has been cast as the other main character.


“Kim Min Jae is focusing on practicing playing piano day and night for the pianist character,” his agency said. “We have a lot of anticipation for Kim Min Jae, who is coming back to the small screen with a different character.”

SBS’ ‘Do You Like Brahms’ is the story of prestigious music students and those around them. The show will be broadcast in the second half of this year to encourage students who have been going through professional lessons, practices, performances, and schools since they are three or four years old, as well as to cheer up teachers and parents who support their students and children’s passion and talent.