Kim Min Ah revealed interesting rumors about Kim Heechul in KBS2’s ‘20th Century Hit Song‘ broadcast on April 9.

On that day, MC Kim Heechul and Kim Min Ah introduced the Top 10 charts of the songs “The tension hit songs of the end of a century”. 10th place on the chart is Sobangcha’s “Last night story”. Upon hearing that Sobangcha had a debut stage at a night club, Kim Min Ah expressed her affection for the nightclub.


Kim Min Ah revealed, “Among the active artists, there are many who went to the club”. And “At that in club Kim Heechul was sitting in the middle of a room and there were 10 girls sitting on the sides.”

Kim Heechul was stunned by the sudden accusation “I played in a healthier way than I thought. So I will not be reprimanded like this,” he explained. Next, Kim Min Ah laughed saying: “This is” psycho” huh.”

During the broadcast, Kim Heechul and Kim Min Ah showed off a special combination and unexpected competition.


From the beginning of the show, Kim Min Ah made the audience laugh by saying, “I don’t know if I can talk about this, but I was invited before Kim Hee Chul”, and “Among all candidates, I chose him (Kim Hee Chul).”.

Afterward, Kim Heechul shared, “If you don’t do well, you may not appear again.” Kim Min Ah showed off her special entertainment ability by showing a special sense of humor: “I’ll skip until next episode”.

“20th Century Hit Song” premieres in every Thursday at 8 p.m. KST.