On June 30, EXO BaekHyun and the top solo singer IU has made their fan to become excited because of following each other on SNS account.


Previously, IU has covered BaekHyun’s title track ‘UN Village’ of his 1st debut mini-album on IU’s Homebody signal – IU’s Sloppy Live in a very sweet voice, which the video was posted on Edam Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

EXO Baekhyun has left a comment on that short clip with an excited feeling, “Soo yah! Soo is singing my song!” (Soo in Hae Soo in drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo). Later, he followed IU ‘s Instagram account and she also followed him back. Their friendship is still beautiful after 4 years when they had been co-starring in the drama, and that made fans of them to become very excited.

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Here are some of the opinions of their fans when seeing them following each other:

“I didnt relazie that Baekhyun and Iu are really close like that”

“Moon Lovers” fans pass out every time like this..even if they did season 2, we can’t see WangEun and Haesoo, the rice grain line, again, right? No, give me the modern version of “Moon Lovers”. Please why does the handkerchief scene disappear? Give me my “Moon Lovers” family”.

“Soo is singing my song!!!” kkk .. Eunie andSoo, have a collaboration ^^”

“Please they both have a duet…”

“IU sings UN Village well, too. I liked the original version, so I listened to it a lot. Baekhyun and IU, hwaiting!”

“I’m a hardcore fan of BoBokKyeongShim and I am getting immersed again. I like it so freaking much”

“Ahhh please have a collaboration for once. Their voice combination would be insane”

“They followed each other just now. So cute”

“They both are close, but they don’t make it obvious. They both should collaborate and Moon Lovers family, get together!”

“When IU introduced UN Village, she brought up Prince Wangeun and ‘BoBokKyeongShim’, and Baekhyun also wrote ‘Soo-yah?’. As well as Kang Hana and Lee Joon Gi, all the actors and actresses showed freat affection for their work. So I’m happy as a big fan of the drama.”.