Actress Han Ye Seul changed her familiar long hair into short hair.

On April 14, the actress posted photos on her personal Instagram with the status: “Vivacious, thrilling”


In the posted photos, Han Ye Seul transformed her image into a girl with black short hair. The makeup is carefully made with bold eyeliners and the pastel clothes add more brilliance and highlights.

For this hair change, the fans have had many different reactions: “What is Han Ye Seul?”, “Can you cut your hair like that?”, “It was so beautiful, I had to wonder.”, …

Han Ye Seul is running the Youtube channel “Han Ye Seul is” (“한예슬 is”) to be able to connect with fans more.

Singer Park Boram revealed her current situation after losing 30kg.

Recently, Park Boram posted a number of photos of herself on her personal Instagram on April 15 with the caption: “Just eat and then go now.”


In the photos, Park Boram is looking directly at the camera with a sorrowful look as she eats pasta and bread on an outdoor terrace with the sun shining. In another photo, Park Boram is wearing glass and has her chin resting, showing an extraordinary purity.


Accordingly, netizens showed reactions such as “what atmosphere is this”, “Please pay close attention”, “So beautiful” …

Park Boram revealed that she had lost 32 kg in the past and became a hot topic when she revealed her diet method. After that, she constantly maintained her health and beautiful body.

On the other hand, Park Boram released the new song ‘I Can’t‘ last month.