Heechul talked openly about how to deal with malicious comments online and talk about IU as a role model for dealing with bad comments.


During an open discussion about the topic on the April 20 broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Love of 7.7 Billion‘, Heechul stated that although SM Entertainment has a lot of resources and care given towards celebrities in regard to protecting their mental health, it was negligible compared to the pain the malicious comment gave. When talking about dealing with malicious comments, he listed IU as a role model due to her method of refusing settlements.


Heechul stated that IU is one of the celebrities that broke through the malicious comments and proceeded to have a healthy and successful career, even though she suffered from a ridiculous number of rumors in the past. In some cases, Heechul stated that the perpetrators, when meeting with IU, would tell sob stories or paint her as the criminal for causing them stress with the lawsuit. However, due to the way she strictly dealt with these cases and refusing to settle, IU was able to fight back and end the bullying against her.

Check out the clip of the show below.