Actress Han So Hee, who showed her strong performance to viewers as ‘Yeo Da Kyung’ in JTBC’s drama ‘The World of the Married,’ has brighten the May issue of GRAZIA magazine with her enchanting beauty.


Her unique charm is featured in the pictorial, which was titled ‘To be mysterious.’ Han So Hee’s natural and pure attractiveness, which is quite different from her character in the drama, which looks anxious and precarious, is captured in the pictorial. Rumor has it that her pretty face, which was shining brightly without lighting, did not need to be fixed through Photoshop or any photo enhancer.


Han So Hee, who had her first pictorial with GRAZIA after the drama aired, looks stunning in a pleasant atmosphere. She communicated with the staff well and completed the dazzling pictorial with various poses and facial expressions.

In addition, during a short interview with the magazine, when asked what kind of person she is in real life, Han So Hee said, “Da Kyung is coy, but I’m quite easy-going. I like to talk to people and get close to people I don’t know very well. And while Da Kyung is emotional, I’m more rational than Da Kyung. I don’t do reckless things.”


Also, when asked what role or work she would like to play in the future, the actress replied, “While watching Kim Hee Ae’s previous works and acting closely, I thought, ‘I want to be like that actress too.’ Most of the roles played by Kim Hee Ae were women who led the story, and I also want to play such an enterprising character.”