On April 18, actress Goo Hye Sun greeted the press as an artist during a Q&A for the opening of her second solo art show, ‘Sail-Again and Again‘.


This marks Goo Hye Sun‘s first time speaking with the press directly after filing for divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun last year. When asked if she was nervous about the Q&A, Goo Hye Sun shared, “I returned to Korea after studying abroad and spent time watching shows like ‘Mister Trot’ with my parents. I really enjoyed watching. Thanks to those shows, I didn’t feel particularly pressured about this Q&A.” 

Moving on to the topic of her ongoing divorce, Goo Hye Sun remarked, “Rather than thinking too hard about it, I just focussed on the pain and on myself. I thought a lot about how I should address questions about that person today, but I don’t have any updates to give. I’m apologetic, and I’m trying to forget. I’m trying to think more about the future.” 

She continued, “I think I won’t fully understand what I was feeling back then until more time has passed. I just kept myself busy preparing for today. There were many societal changes due to the COVID19 pandemic. As a member of society, I also spent time thinking about such changes.”

Finally, Goo Hye Sun was asked about returning to her career as an actress, or returning to entertainment promotions overall. She answered, “I think that I still need time to reorganize before I can return to entertainment. I’ve said before that returning in the near future will be difficult, but I am hopeful for a later future. I’m still just hoping for now. There were times when I regretted publicizing such personal details in the past. Even preparing for today, I was uncertain if I should talk about such topics during times of hardship. I didn’t want to fatigue others more than I already have. But there are no big issues to address [regarding her divorce]. I’m sure everything will work out.”