Actress Kim Tae Hee showed off the look of a goddess.

On July 2, on her personal Instagram, Kim Tae Hee shared some of the pictures with the caption, “I don’t take photos and live like that on a daily basis, so when I shoot the pictorial, I have to take screenshots and post them often. These days, eating and taking care of my body has become more difficult, I feel very grateful to have access to good products as a model. Thank you to all the staff in the group for struggled to take a picture today ^^!”.


In the published pictures, goddess Kim Tae Hee is wearing ambitious long hair and showing a variety of expressions. This is a picture for the screen, but the captivating beauty and charisma have been completed so that the viewer cannot take their eyes off.

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Kim Tae Hee appeared in the drama ‘Hi Bye Mama‘ (tvN) which ended its broadcast in April.