Actor Do Kyung Soo – D.O. of boy group EXO, will join actor Seol Jyung Gu in the upcoming film titled ‘The Moon’ by director Kim Yong Hwa, who also helmed the ‘Along With The Gods’ movie series.


According to a film industry insider on October 14, Seol Kyung Gu and D.O. recently decided to appear in the sci-fi film ‘The Moon’, directed by Kim Yong Hwa, and are coordinating the details. The film tells the desperate story of a man left alone in space by accident and another man on Earth who tries to bring him back safely.

Initially, director Kim Yong Hwa said he would produce ‘The Moon’ as his next film after ‘Along with the Gods 2: The Last 49 Days’ in 2018, but it was delayed and now will be on track after two years.

In the movie, Seol Kyung Gu is set to play the role of a man who works as a loner at an astronomical observatory on Earth, and happens to be connected to an astronaut. D.O. will play the isolated astronaut on the moon.

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D.O. in ‘Along With The Gods’ series

This will be Seol Kyung Gu’s next project after director Jung Ji Young’s ‘Boys’ and director Lee Hae Young’s ‘The Ghost’. Meanwhile, D.O., who joined the military in July 2019, will continue his acting career by choosing ‘The Moon’ as his return work after being discharged from the military in January next year. Previously, the idol also worked with director Kim Yong Hwa in ‘Along with the Gods’.

‘The Moon’ will begin filming in the first half of 2021.